Meeting Minutes 2012-02

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 2012, 3:00 PM


The meeting of the Lakeshore Community Association Board of Directors was called to order at 3:05 p.m. by Bob Amenta.  The meeting was held at The Emmons Company.  Notice was given by First Class mail, with Agendas included.


Bob Amenta, Sandy Olsen, Richard Donohue, Kathleen Roth and Patty Woodard-Sower.


Ilene Decker, Association Manager, The Emmons Company; Kelli Gurski, Recording Secretary, The Emmons Company and approximately 6 homeowners.

The Minutes of the January 9, 2012 Board of Directors Meeting were reviewed.  Richard Donohue made a motion to approve the Minutes as amended.  The motion was seconded by Sandy Olsen and passed unanimously.

The Minutes of the January 9, 2012 Executive Session Meeting were reviewed.  The purpose of the meeting was for Hearings. Sandy Olsen made a motion to approve the Executive Minutes as amended.  The motion was seconded by Richard Donohue and passed unanimously.


The Financial Report for January 2012 was presented by Sandy Olsen.  Total cash on hand as of January 31, 2012 was $2,485,396.50. Sandy noted that there are currently nine CD’s invested.  The next CD’s are set to mature in March.  A motion was made by Richard Donohue, seconded by Kathleen Roth, to approve the January 2012 Financial Report to be filed for Audit.  The motion passed unanimously.

Ilene gave the delinquency report.  The total delinquent amount as of January 31, 2012 was $37,152.89.

-Richard Donohue made a motion to file a lien on Lot #0804 after 2/27/12.  The motion was seconded by Sandy Olsen and passed unanimously.

-Richard Donohue made a motion to pursue rent collection on Lot #2404.  The motion was seconded by Sandy Olsen and passed unanimously.

-A Certified Letter of Concern will be sent to Lot #0602.


Ilene stated that management created the newsletter included with the invoices, accompanied by the Agendas.  Ilene advised that she monitored delinquencies and ALS and SBS accounts, updating the delinquency log; sent letters for Architectural Committee; continued follow-up to dock owners for unpaid biannual slip fees; continued website work and updates.


Richard Donohue updated the Board on various architectural items and violations.

-The owner of Lot #3004 has requested an appeal to the Board of Directors regarding the paint on her house.  It was noted that the homeowner painted her house prior to submitting and receiving written approval from the Architectural Committee.  The application was approved; however the homeowner applied a top coat over the approved color which gives the paint a weathered, faux finish look.  It was also noted that the current appearance violates Westlake Village Municipal Code 9.15.30.  The Board voted 3-1 to allow the finish to remain if written approval is granted by the WLV City Council.  If City approval is not obtained within 60 days, the owner must remove finish or repaint in the approved color no later than May 15th. Patty Woodard-Sower objected and Richard Donohue abstained.

-The Committee recently approved revisions to the Architectural Standards.  The Board approved the revisions to be mailed to the membership for the 30 day homeowner review period.  Pending written homeowner comments, the revisions are to be formally adopted at the April 9 Board of Directors meeting.  —Richard Donohue made a motion to formally adopt the Lakeshore Color Palette as presented to the homeowners in the August 2010 newsletter.  The motion was seconded by Kathleen Roth and passed unanimously.


Patty Woodard-Sower reported on various landscape items.  She advised that the tree causing damage to a sidewalk was removed and the sidewalk repaired.

-Drains – Patty advised that a proposal was obtained to repair the drains clogged near 3811-3835 Lakeharbor Lane.

Motion:  Patty Woodard-Sower made a motion to approve the ValleyCrest proposal for $975.00 to repair the drains.  The motion was seconded by Richard Donohue and passed unanimously.

-Volleyball Court – Patty advised that a proposal was obtained to install a drain from the volleyball court to the lake.  It is hopeful that the new drain will properly drain the excess water from the volleyball court.  It was noted that approval will need to be obtained from WLMA to go through the berm at the lake.

Motion:  Patty Woodard-Sower made a motion to approve the ValleyCrest proposal for $2,115.00 to install Phase I (140’ Drain to Lake).  The motion was seconded by Richard Donohue and passed unanimously.

-Walkway Damage -Patty advised only a small section of damaged concrete was repaired as a result of damage caused by the tree trimmers.  Majority of the Board had determined that was the only section the contractor should be held liable for.  Other portions already showed signs or wear and tear prior to the tree trimming.  The Board advised Patty to proceed with concrete repairs as needed.

Budget – Patty Woodard-Sower requested Trees be separated from Landscape as noted on Page 3 of the financial report.  Ilene Decker advised she work on it in the proposed budget.


Motion:  Kathleen Roth made a motion that all Committee Chairs submit a written report at least a week in advance to be included in the Board Packet.  Only action items requiring Board approval will be discussed at the meeting.  The motion was seconded by Sandy Olsen and passed unanimously.

Tree Removal – Kathleen advised that some of the trees that were recently removed still have a portion of the stump which wasn’t ground.  She clarified that these stumps have a metal posts in them and therefore they could not be ground.  All the stumps are on slopes and will be addressed in a future ivy/slope beautification project.

Motion:  Kathleen made a motion to allocate $850.00 for the removal of a pine tree which is severely leaning.  The motion was seconded by Sandy Olsen and passed unanimously.  A note will be put on the tree to advise residents.

Other: Kathleen advised that a Tree Request Form was created.  The form is to be filled out by owners with their request and to ensure proper follow up by the committee. She also notified the Board that the committee is working on replacement trees.  Kathleen requested that Lakeshore budget for an arborist’s consultation 1-2 times a year.  Kathleen will research a specific budget amount.


Patty Woodard-Sower reported that the re-strapping of damaged chairs and lounges has been completed.


Bill Knebel advised that a letter will need to be sent to WLMA with the proposed cutting of the shoreline berm for the proposed drain outlet from the volleyball court. Bill Knebel advised that the “No Fishing Signs” are to be completed this week.


Sharon Abelson was absent.


Orville Kellman was absent.


Earthquake Renewal Ratification – Richard Donohue made a motion to approve the Earthquake Policy with Company of the West, 10% deductible for $99,549.00.  The motion was seconded by Sandy Olsen and passed unanimously. 

Ivy Beautification – Proposals are to be obtained for the ivy replacement.  


Reserve Study – The Board unanimously agreed to amend the agenda as required to review the Reserve Study.  The Board will review and provide management with any corrections and/changes.


-Doggie Waste Station – The Board reviewed a homeowners request for the Association to install doggie waste stations.  The Board agreed to start with one station.  Proposals will be obtained and reviewed at the March Board of Directors meeting.

-Monument Sign Committee- It was noted that an application was not submitted in time for the deadline.  A committee will be formed to submit for next year.

-Dog complaint – The Board reviewed a complaint regarding a dog off-leash.  A courtesy notice will be sent to the owner. Complaining parties will also be instructed to file a complaint with Animal Control.

-The Board reviewed correspondence from Fran Marks at 32137 Beachfront Lane regarding tree roots.  It was noted that root barriers were previously installed in that area. The matter was referred to Kathleen Roth, Tree Committee Chair.

-Gary Ellis advised that the proposed drains for the volleyball court should use a geo cloth.  He also complained about a vehicle leaking oil outside 32127 Beachlake Lane.  It leak was already reported to the City of Westlake Village since they are city streets.  A courtesy notice will also be sent to the owner.


There being no further business the meeting was adjourned to at 5:20 P.M.


The next Board of Directors Meeting is scheduled for March 12, 2012, at The Emmons Company.