Meeting Minutes 2012-01

MONDAY, JANUARY 9, 2012, 3:00 PM


The meeting of the Lakeshore Community Association Board of Directors was called to order at 3:05 p.m. by Bob Amenta. The meeting was held at The Emmons Company. Notice was given by First Class mail, with Agendas included.

Bob Amenta, Sandy Olsen, Richard Donohue, Kathleen Roth and Patty Woodard-Sower.

Ilene Decker, Association Manager, The Emmons Company; Kelli Gurski, Recording Secretary, The Emmons Company and approximately 12 homeowners.

The Minutes of the November 14, 2011 Board of Directors Meeting were reviewed. Richard Donohue made a motion to approve the Minutes as presented. The motion was seconded by Sandy Olsen and passed unanimously.

The Minutes of the December 5, 2011 Executive Session Meeting were reviewed. The purpose of the meeting was for hearings and contract discussions. Richard Donohue made a motion to approve the Executive Minutes as presented. The motion was seconded by Sandy Olsen and passed unanimously.

The Financial Reports for November and December 2011 were presented by Sandy Olsen. Total cash on hand as of December 31, 2011 was $2,519,142.31. Sandy noted that there are currently nine CD’s invested. A motion was made by Richard Donohue, seconded by Kathleen Roth, to approve the November and December 2011 Financial Reports to be filed for Audit. The motion passed unanimously.

Ilene gave the delinquency report. The total delinquent amount as of December 31, 2011 was $32,402.65.
Richard Donohue made a motion to file a lien on the following accounts – #6402, #0804 and #0401. The motion was seconded by Sandy Olsen and passed unanimously.

Bob Amenta reported on the status of the Neighborhood Watch program. A motion was made by Bob Amenta to appoint Gary Moser as chairman of the Neighborhood Watch Committee. The motion was seconded by Richard Donohue and passed unanimously.

Ilene stated that management created the newsletter included with the invoices, accompanied by the Agendas. Ilene advised that she monitored delinquencies and ALS and SBS accounts, updating the delinquency log; sent letters for Architectural Committee; obtained information on monument signs; continued follow-up to dock owners for their agreements; continued website work and updates and updated the annual 2012 calendar.

Richard Donohue updated the Board on various architectural items and violations. There were a total of 10 new applications; 12 open walk thru violations remain. A discussion was held regarding corner lots/easements granted to homeowners. It was noted that the boundary lines are undetermined and would need a surveyor to provide actual lot lines. The Landscape Committee will take a look at the tract map and see if the boundary lines can be determined before a surveyor is contracted.

Patty Woodard-Sower reported on various landscape items. She advised that the roses will be pruned and injected. The following are outstanding items for which the Committee is working on obtaining proposals: 1)Drains clogged near 3815-3835 Lakeharbor Lane, new drains need to be installed 2) Removing 3 feet of grass around volleyball court to cure drainage problem is not sufficient as previously suggested. A second option will be obtained.

-Walkway Damage
Patty advised that the tree trimmers damaged portions of the walkway during recent trimming. A proposal to repair the concrete was $2,975.00 and $500.00 for 2 different areas. Arboles Tree Service will be notified of the amount and determine if they want to submit it to their insurance. Due to the liability of the walkway, repairs will be made and $3,475.00 will be withheld for payment.

-Walkway Damage
Patty advised that the walkway near 32057-32061 Waterside Lane is lifting in excess of 1 ½”-2” due to tree roots. She obtained a proposal to remove the tree for $950.00.

Motion: Patty Woodard-Sower made a motion to approve the removal of the tree for $950.00 and do necessary concrete work up to $500.00 since, it is a hazard. The motion was seconded by Richard Donohue and passed unanimously.

-Tree Stumps
Patty noted that 2 trees were cut down within the slope area and a portion of the tree stumps remain. Kathleen Roth advised that due to the location of the trees on the slope that equipment could not be brought up to grind the stumps. Kathleen suggested the stumps be addressed in conjunction with the slope/ivy beautification.

Kathleen Roth advised that the fall tree trimming has been completed. She noted that 70 trees were pruned with an average cost of $173.00 per tree. Also, 19 trees were removed, per an arborist’s advisement, due to being diseased, potential of falling on homes, damage to sidewalks, roots damaging homes, etc. The Committee will be meeting in the near future to discuss replacement trees. It was suggested that mulch from the tree cuttings be placed around trees to prevent them from being overwatered.
Motion: Kathleen Roth made a motion to approve up to $2,500.00 for the removal of 2 trees (a eucalyptus behind pool #1 and a pine behind 32021 Waterside) based on a second bid being obtained. The motion was seconded by Richard Donohue and passed with a vote of 4-1, Patty Woodard-Sower objecting.

Ron Sower noted that duck feces is currently a problem at Pool #1. Proposals will be obtained to repair the damaged walls and relocate the sprinklers/irrigation causing the damage to the walls at pools 1, 2 and 3.
Motion: Patty Woodard-Sower made a motion to approve the re-strapping of 13 chairs and 8 lounges for $1,230.00. The motion was seconded by Richard Donohue and passed unanimously.

Bud Fish advised that some WLMA rentals will not be renewed this year. The Committee will be meeting for the first time this year and will be addressing several challenges such as quagga mussels, government regulations and the safety/security at the public dock.

Bill Knebel provided the Board with a revised “No Fishing Sign.” Bill will come up with locations to install the signage.

Sharon Abelson was absent.

Orville Kellman was absent.


-Meeting Location

It was noted that all Board of Directors meetings will be held at The Emmons Company. The Annual Meeting in June will be held at The Yacht Club.

-Community Website
It was noted that the Community Website is up and running.

Ivy of Slopes – A discussion was held regarding the removal of ivy on the slopes and future beautification. Kathleen Roth and Patty Woodard-Sower will come up with a proposed design to present to the Board.
Reserve Study – It was noted that this year is an update. Ilene Decker advised that all committees will need to submit proposed projects and expenditures for the analyst.
Earthquake Proposal – The Board advised they met in executive session to review Earthquake proposals. It was noted that the Board is still awaiting the proposal from QBE. Once the proposal comes in, management will forward to the Board for review.
Motion – A motion was made by Sandy Olsen to appoint Bob Amenta, President as the contact person to notify Management of the approved Earthquake Insurance proposal. The motion was seconded by Patty Woodard-Sower and passed unanimously.

-Lloyd Carter requested the Board address the liquid amber trees in the community. He advised that the pods which fall on the sidewalks are a potential hazard. Kathleen Roth will check to see if the trees can be sprayed or injected to prevent the pods. Patty Woodard-Sower will also check with Slade for the cost of blowing the sidewalks 6 days a week while the pods are falling.
-The Board reviewed a homeowners request to have a community boat available to Lakeshore residents. The Board determined that having an association boat presents too many problems and poses too much of a liability, and is not cost effective. The homeowner will be suggested to look into a membership at the Yacht Club, where rental boats are available.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned to Executive Session at 6:00 P.M.

The next Board of Directors Meeting is scheduled for February 13, 2012, at The Emmons Company.

Respectfully Submitted,
Kelli Gurski,
Recording Secretary